June 8 2018

Music and Planning for the coming week


As we creep up to the first 3 day camp, I want to make sure that we are all ready to hit the ground running.  In preparation, there are a few things that you should all have ready to go.  Here is the list:

  1. 3-ring binder (1 inch works) with plastic sheet protectors, pencil, and music from the Binder Required Materials page
  2. Water Bottle (something like this)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Bugspray
  5. Hat
  6. Good shoes (athletic, not flip/flops, Toms, Sperrys, etc.)

Also, make sure that you have been working on all the exercises so we can spend a majority of our time on technique refinement, learning notes, and playing together.  Your list of importance should be as follows:


  1. 87695
  2. Rap Battle
  3. Wandouble
  4. Triplet Roll
  5. Paradiddles
  6. Roll Exercise #5
  7. MO
  8. Sanford Shuffle


  1. Green Scale Exercises per Dr. Haldeman
  2. 4-Mallet Exercises from Packet
  3. Warm-ups as listed above

Lastly, I am chugging away at the music for you all, and I have a bit ready for you at this point.  I have focused on battery writing, since we will be putting that to movement early on, but opener should be 100% by the 15th, followed by the ballad.  For now, here is a link to the music page, which includes the battery parts.  It is password protected, please email me or text your section leader if you do not know the password.    Current Music


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