August 5 2018

Band Camp 2018

Hey everybody-

First off, if you aren’t on the @wandoperc and @18bow Remind threads, please sign up immediately for those.  If you don’t know how, just text @wandoperc to the number 81010.  Do the same for @18bow.

Next, here is some info that went out, make sure you go through it.  Things are different this year, so important for you to all know what’s going on.

Band Camp Schedule

Lastly, big thanks to all the members that went out of their way to help out new members, and those that were there to help teach drill and new material to those that have missed.  Hopefully we can go into this band camp full speed ahead, and those that are behind have taken the steps to get caught up.  Our leadership kids went out of their way to help out this week, and that should not go unnoticed by anybody.

Lastly, Vince is here Monday and Tuesday, there is a bunch of new gear in the bandroom, and we have a bunch of great things to look forward to this year!  All music will be in your hands tomorrow, too!  See you then!


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