August 17 2018

First Week of School


First of all, I have to commend you all on a great summer!  The sheer volume of accomplishment and growth that we have achieved as a group has been astounding, and fun to watch!  We will continue to get good work done in the school year, and keep pushing!  LCI is about 6 weeks away, so that should give you an idea of our projected path of completion and drive.

Regarding the schedules, a couple things that you should all consider: not everyone is in the right class right now, and guidance is aware of the issue.  They are trying to juggle a lot of courses, and trying to do the best for the most amount of kids.

This next week, we only have band Tuesday and Thursday, after school 4:45-7:30.  There is an away game at Summerville on Friday night, but that will only involve upperclassmen that haven’t switched to a new instrument.  There will be 2 other games for other drumline members to attend.

As of right now, Pit is scheduled for 1st block, and Battery is 2nd block, so hopefully you are slated for the correct class.  Some of you may need to make some sacrifices to be in the correct class.  I will continue to send guidance the class list(s), and try our best to get kids in the right spots.  One thing you can all do to make this work is see what other options you might have if your class got moved.  Ask yourselves if the conflicting classes are something you need to graduate, and then if there is something else to take its place.   Some of the weird classes I took in college to get the needed credits were quite interesting.  In any case, I want to have the most kids in the right class, and this year shouldn’t be any different than other years…

I’ll be working to get it right, but you will likely not get your schedules, right or wrong, until Monday morning.  Don’t fret, unless you have a conflict with 1st or 2nd block, then try your best to figure out a new plan…


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