May 16 2017

Audition Materials

Here is the Drumline Audition Information for the coming 2018-2019 Marching Season.  All those auditioning for battery will need to play at least examples 1-5.   Those auditioning for Snare and Tenors will need to play through examples 6-8 as well, playing the appropriate part.  Auditionees should also be familiar with the Wando warm-up exercises found here.

Wando Drumline Auditions 2018-2019

Auditionees will play along to the following track for example number 4.

For those that are interested in only auditioning for the front ensemble, please begin to look at the mallet parts for the Drumline exercises that are found here.

For those interested in the Percussion Department Audition, the material required is in the link below.

Percussion Department Audition 2018

Middle School Percussion Audition Letter 2018


Previous years’ audition material can be found below.

Here is a compilation of some of the materials we will be using this summer while building skills, setting the drumline and pit, and preparing for this coming marching season.

Please remember that sound quality and good technique always trumps speed.  It is far better to concentrate on how your hands are working, what you sound like, and how your technique is rather than focusing on learning every exercise.  I guarantee you all that you will have plenty of time to learn these exercises.  As always, focus on the techniques that make up the exercises and music, and the music will naturally work itself out.

A selection of warmups we will use this summer to build strength, stamina, and skills:  Standard Warmups

Here is a selection of instructional videos to help demonstrate some of the techniques and challenges of the Standard Warm-ups:

*NEW* For all auditioning for Battery, here is the audition material for the Bass Drum Line.

Wando Bass Drum Audition

Part 4 of the audition is playing along with the following track.  8 clicks up front.  Bass drum #2 is omitted from the recording.


Other Exercises to prepare for drumline auditions:

15 Tap-Timing:  15 Tap-Timing

Paradiddle Extension:  Parradiddle Extension


Our full-percussion section accent-tap exercise:  MO

Our full-percussion section Double-Triple Beat Exercise:  Wandouble Triple

Our full-percussion section roll exercise:  Roll Exercise #5 6-15-11

A new triplet roll exercise:  Triplet Roll Sequence


Here is the Audition material from last year (won’t be used this year, but as a reference):  Wando Audition 2011


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