March 16 2020

Plans for School Cancellations 3/16 – 3/31

I’m sure that some of you are thrilled, some are distraught, some are in the middle.  Hopefully you are all safe, healthy, and have enough TP to get through the next few weeks.  Plans for the coming weeks will be mainly through Google Classroom, and from what I’ve seen, you all seem to have access to devices at home to take care of the work that you need to do.  Assignments will post at 4:00 today, and then on Sunday mornings.  I have sent invites to you all to join the current classes through your school accounts, but if that doesn’t work:

1st block code is: a2qhhah

2nd Block Code is : xacpsan

Please take care of all this work, and if all goes well in the first week, we won’t have to resort to any additional measures, such as SmartMusic.  Thank you for your hard work, and please communicate to me if there are any needs that you have during this time, unless that’s toilet paper, because all I can offer are old marching band parts.

Good luck, and stay healthy!

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