March 20 2020

Reminder of Google Classroom required work

Just a reminder to those that have done nothing so far.  These assignments are virtual, but the grades are very real.  Stay on top of the work, and more importantly, stay on top of the paperwork.  Those that are doing the work, thank you!  Some good posts so far on name a percussionist, some great work being done on Theory Assignments, and some of you are getting good practice in.  Stay healthy, stay safe, but don’t just sit in your room and play video games (although that sounds great!), or you may find yourself repeating some classes next semester.

Things due tomorrow:
Individual Practice Week 1.2
Music Theory Assignment 1.2
Week 1 Video Assignment
Name a drummer or percussionist – 1 answer and 2 replies.
Things that are 2 days past due:
Individual Practice Week 1.1
Music Theory 1.1
I have started putting grades into Powerschool.  Missing assignments are now just listed as “missing”, as I am giving everybody a week to get accustomed to the new system.  Starting Saturday, I will enter zeros, and then will follow district policies for late work.

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