July 5 2012

Percussion Rehearsal 7-9-12

Hey everybody-

I’m getting psyched for this next rehearsal!  I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer, swimming, surfing, fishing, and wearing your practice pads down to sawdust and rubber dust!

For this next rehearsal, we will start off together for a general warm-up session, with a focus on chop-building and technique.  We’ll use the standard summer practice material that we’ve been using for that.  In addition, we will start working through 4-2-1 16ths(from the Summer Prep Exercises), and Roll-Timing Short (from Roll Exercises).

In sectional rehearsals, we will start looking at a few of the full drumline exercises for the year.  This will include 8 on a Hand (from the Summer Prep Exercises), Accent-Tap #5, RapBattle, Wandouble Triple, and Roll Exercise #5 (from http://wandopercussion.edublogs.org/music-downloadables/wando-exercises/), and Triplet Roll Sequence.  Make sure that you all can play the snare line, as well as whichever instrument you are wanting to audition for.  The snare line will function as the “default” in all exercises.  So tenor players should know the snare part before learning “the arounds”, basses should know the snare line before the split, and pit should know the snare line before the melodic line.

There was a great amount of progress last rehearsal, and I hope to see the same level of improvement this rehearsal.  A lot of you a competing for a relatively small number of spots, so make sure you are practicing carefully, diligently, and keeping track of the details.   Again, regardless of your instrumental desire, make sure you all learn the snare drum line of all exercises.

I plan to be at the school by noon Monday, so feel free to come in and practice any time between noon and rehearsal.  Please email with any questions.

Thanks, and see you Monday!


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