July 25 2016

Binder Required Materials

The following items need to be in your music binder, in addition to any show music:

All are available in the Handel’s Office if you do not have a copy.

Pit: Dr. Haldeman’s Front Ensemble Packet, then the following:


MO – Tenors   MO – Snare   MO – Mallets   MO – Flubs   MO – Basses



Wandouble Triple Battery Score   Wandouble Trip – Timpani    Wandouble Trip – Piano   Wandouble Trip – Mallets

Triplet Roll Sequence

Roll Exercise #5 6-15-11


Skittles: new battery parts available soon.

Skittles Full Ensemble – Glockenspiel

Skittles Full Ensemble – Vibraphone

Skittles Full Ensemble – Piano

Skittles Full Ensemble – Marimba

Skittles Full Ensemble – Timpani

Summer Preparation Exercises (Legato 16ths, Hub Dub, 421)

Timing Exercises

15 Tap-Timing


Triplet_Timing Adv.

Pit – Santa Clara Vangaurd 4-Mallet Exercises